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Prof Peter M Smowton


Prof Peter M Smowton Position:Deputy Head of School and Director of Research Email:SmowtonPM ( at )
Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 75997

Research Interests

Interests include the design, fabrication and characterisation of optoelectronic devices. Current research topics include quantum dot lasers , high power emitters for photodynamic therapy and the physics of InGaN light emitting devices. I am also interested in optoelectronic integration of materials and functions (see Functional Material and Integration). This involves the exploration of the physics of the light matter interactions in these materials and devices.

Measures of Esteem

Conference Organisation: I currently Co-Chair the Novel-In-Plane Lasers Conference, Photonics West, San Francisco. I was general co-chair for CLEO Science and Innovation 2015, San Jose, having been program co-chair in 2013 and chair of the semiconductor laser subcommittee for CLEO 2010 and 2011. I am a voting member of CLEO steering. I served as general chair for the 2014 International Semiconductor Laser conference held in Palma, Mallorca and was program chair for the 2012 ISLC held in San Diego.

I am also involved in the organisation of a number of other UK based meetings, workshops and conferences including the annual meeting UK Semiconductors and Semiconductor Integrated Optoelectronics, which has been held in Cardiff since 1986. I serve on the program committees of a number of additional international conferences such as CLEO Pacific Rim and the International Photonics Conference (IPC).

I am a member of the editorial board of IOP Semiconductor Science and Technology and IET-Optoelectronics and have edited 2 special issues of the IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics on Semiconductor Optoelectronics in 2001 and 2006, 3 special issues of IET - Optoelectronics in 2007, 2008 and 2009, co-edited an issue of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics on "Solid State Lighting" in 2009 and co-edited SPIE vols 6909, 7230, 7616, 7953, 8277, 8640 and 9002 on "Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers" in 2008-2014.

Some Forthcoming and Recent Invited International Conference Talks:

"Quantum Dot Lasers for Integrated Photonics", E-MRS Spring, Strasbourg 2017

"Quantum Dot Lasers for Integrated Photonics"
ISLC 2016, Kobe, Japan

“InP Quantum dot lasers - materials and device properties” ICOOPMA, Leeds 2014

"Physics and Applications of Quantum Dot Lasers", Tutorial, CLEO, San Jose. May 2012
"Quantum Dot Lasers - The Role of the 2D States", Photonics Conference, Arlington, Virginia. October 2011
"Many body effects and the role of the carrier distribution in InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser structures", VCIAN, Las Vegas, Nevada. April 2011
“InP/AlGaInP Quantum Dot Lasers emitting in the 7xx nm wavelength band", Workshop on Semiconductor Lasers, Kyoto, Japan. Sept. 2010
“Low threshold InP Quantum Dot Lasers emitting in the 7xx nm band", 14th International Conference "Laser Optics 2010", St.Petersburg, Russia, June 2010
"InP / AlGaInP Quantum Dot, 690-750nm Emission Wavelength, Lasers”, 9th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, Genoa, Italy July 2009
“InP/AlGaInP Quantum Dot Lasers”, E-MRS 2009 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, June, 2009

I am treasurer of the IEEE Photonics Society and an ex-member of the Board of Governors, a fellow of OSA and a member of the SPIE and the Institute of Physics .


I am currently module organiser for PX3243 "Laser Physics and Non-linear Optics".
I also take 2nd year tutorials and supervise 3rd and 4th year projects.

Other recent modules include:
PX3144 "Electromagnetic Radiation Detection"
PX2107 "Electronics and Instrumentation"
PX2108 "Topics in Physics"
PX3226 "Physics of Semiconductor Devices"
PX1217 "Investigative Physics II" and
PX0202 "Electricity, Magnetism and Light

Admin Duties

I am a member of the School Management Team and the School Board and Chair the School Research Committee. I am currently supervisor for four research associates


A list of many of my publications(computer generated) follows:

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Postgraduate Students

Peter Rees,
Ivan Karomi
Sara-Jayne Gillgrass
Dunia Giliyana