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Dr Chris North


Dr Chris  North Position:Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Community Engagement Coordinator Email:Chris.North ( at )
Telephone:029 208 70537

Research Interests

My research focuses on the SPIRE instrument onboard the Herschel Space Observatory, which observes far-infrared and submillimetre light from gas and dust in our galaxy and beyond. My specific work is relating to the calibration of the instrument, ensuring that the data produced is as accurate as possible. As well as scientific research, I am heavily involved with outreach relating to the Herschel Space Observatory. I am a member of the team behind popular online astronomy websites such as Chromoscope, Design a Space Telescope, Multiwavelength Universe and the CMB Simulator.


  • Module Tutor for PX1125 (Maths Practice)
  • Deputy Module Organiser for PX1126 (Engaging Physics)
  • Guest lecturer for PX1225 (1st year Planets and Exoplanets), PX2234 (2nd year Synoptic Physics)
  • BSc Project Supervisor: Bringing Herschel into the Classroom

Admin Duties


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2001-2005: BA, MSci, University of Cambridge
2005-2008: DPhil, University of Oxford
2007-2014: Astronomy Researcher and co-presenter, BBC Sky at Night
2008-present: PDRA, Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy
2013-present: Community Engagement Coordinator, Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy
2014-present: Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy