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Micron Scale Silicon photonics, opportunities and challanges

Speaker: Matteo Cherchi (VTT Finland)
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018
Time: 11:00
Venue: Queens Buildings N/3.23

Even though it may seem a wreck from last century, micron-scale silicon photonics comes with unique properties, including an unusual combination of tight confinement and low propagation losses ( 0.1 dB/cm), high power handling, tolerance to fabrication imperfections, low-polarization dependence (including zero-birefringence waveguides), broadband low-loss coupling to optical fibres, and waveguides that are single-mode and low-loss across the whole transparency range of silicon (1.2 to 7 ┬Ám). For example, they enable long, compact and low-loss delay lines, mid-infrared sensors, integrated all-silicon Faraday rotators, compact low-loss thermo-optic switches with low power consumption, and ultra-broadband directional couplers. On the other hand, relatively large waveguide cross-sections typically limit the maximum achievable speed of modulators and detectors, which, at the moment, is the major limitation of the platform, whenever high-speed is required. I will present our recent developments and plans to extend the capabilities of the platform and make it suitable for a broader range of applications.