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Astro & GW Colloquium

The influence of the star-forming environment on planetary systems

Speaker: Dr Richard Parker (University of Sheffield)
Date: Wednesday 12 December 2018
Time: 14:00
Venue: Queens Buildings N/3.28

Planet formation occurs at the same time as star formation, and so the environments in which stars are born are also the birthplaces of planetary systems. Star forming regions are very dense, meaning that encounters between stars and planetary systems are common. Furthermore, the intense UV radiations fields from intermediate and massive stars can truncate, or destroy protoplanetary discs. In this talk, I will describe the detrimental effects of interactions and photoevaporation on young planetary systems. I will then finish by highlighting two positive effects of the star-forming environment on planetary systems; short-lived radioisotopes and enlargement of habitable zones in binary star systems.