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Astro Seminar

ET and ETpathfinder

Speaker: Prof Stefan Hild (Maastricht)
Date: Wednesday 13 November 2019
Time: 14:00
Venue: Queens Buildings N/3.28

The discovery of gravitational waves (GW) from binary black holes and neutron stars has provided us with a stunning glimpse at an entirely new way to explore our Universe. In order to discover new phenomena and better understand the constituents of the Cosmos and the forces driving it, it is vital to improve the sensitivity of future GW observatories. Indeed it is necessary to go beyond the fundamental limits of the current gravitational wave detectors and develop a completely new class of gravitational wave observatories, like the Einstein Telescope. Key feature of the Einstein Telescope include a 10km length triangular design, underground location, cryogenic optics, quantum non-demolition capability etc. This talk will give an overview of the design of the Einstein Telescope and the technological challenges, as well as the amazing science that will be enabled by observatories as the Einstein Telescope. Also an update of recent ET related activities, such as the preparation of the ESFRI roadmap application, recent site qualification activities and the development of an testing facility for Et technologies in Maastricht (aka ETpathfinder) will be discussed.