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Physics Seminar

Exploring corrections to the Optomechanical Hamiltonian

Speaker: Dr Tommaso Tufarelli (University of Nottingham)
Date: Wednesday 11 December 2019
Time: 15:00
Venue: N/3.28

We compare two approaches for deriving corrections to the "linear model" of cavity optomechanics, in order to describe effects that are beyond first order in the radiation pressure coupling. In the regime where the mechanical frequency is much lower than the cavity one, we compare: (I) a widely used phenomenological Hamiltonian conserving the photon number; (II) a two-mode truncation of C. K. Law’s microscopic model, which we take as the "true" system Hamiltonian. While these approaches agree at first order, the latter model does not conserve the photon number, resulting in challenging computations. We find that approach (I) allows for several analytical predictions, and significantly outperforms the linear model in our numerical examples. Yet, we also find that the phenomenological Hamiltonian cannot fully capture all high-order corrections arising from the C. K. Law model.

Journal Reference: Kamila Sala and Tommaso Tufarelli Scientific Reports 8, 9157 (2018)