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Astro Seminar

Teasing Star Formation out of Dust

Speaker: Daniela Calzetti (Massachusetts)
Date: Wednesday 4 November 2020
Time: 16:00
Venue: Zoom

Over the next decade, several facilities will come on-line which will observe the restframe UV/optical emission of galaxies across the entire span of cosmic time, yielding samples of millions of spectral energy distributions (SEDs). Measurements of star formation rates (SFRs), masses, and other physical parameters from those SEDs will enable comparisons with models of galaxy evolution with unprecedented accuracy. However, the derivation of physical parameters from observed SEDs requires removing the effects of dust attenuation. (Sub)mm facilities will not be able to provide sufficient areal coverage and sensitivity to observe those millions of galaxies. This implies that IR-based dust corrections will be difficult to extend to large galaxy samples. Thus, for most galaxies, dust attenuation removal from their UV-optical SEDs will require the use of attenuation curves. I will review the current state of our understanding of attenuation curves at low and high redshift, highlight both their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss what steps may be able to move the field forward.