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Sunday 17 June

7:30-10:00 pm: Welcome reception & registration

Monday 18 June

Session 1: Review of Ant's work

09:00-9:30: Derek Ward-Thompson - The life and times of A.P. Whitworth

09:30-10:00: Simon Goodwin - The work of A.P. Whitworth

10:00-10:30: Hans Zinnecker  - 35 years of star formation

10:30-11:00: Coffee break and posters

Session 2: Low-mass star formation

11:00-11:30: Dimitris Stamatellos - Review: The formation of low-mass stars

11:30-11.45: Maddalena Reggiani - From the Companion Mass Ratio Distribution  to the Planetary Mass Function

11:45-12:00: Anna Scaife - Radio Emission from YSOs: Tackling the (Reverse) Luminosity Problem

12:00-12:15: Kengo Tomida - Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Protostellar Core Formation

12:15-12:30: Eduard Vorobyov - Implications of protostellar disk fragmentation

12:30-12:45: Diego Mardones - ALMA view of the CO outflow in HH46/47

13:15: Lunch

Session 3: Young circumstellar discs

16:00-16:30: Ken Rice - Review of circumstellar discs

16:30-16:45: Shu-ichiro Inutsuka - The Formation and Early Evolution of  Protostars and Protoplanetary Disks

16:45-17:00: Barbara Ercolano - The lifetime of protoplanetary discs:  Observations and Theory

17:00-17:30: Coffee

17:30:-17:45 Christophe Pinte - Herschel observations of gas and dust in protoplanetary discs

17:45-18:00: Subhanjoy Mohanty - The Viability of the MRI in Protostellar Disks: Dead, Undead and Zombie Zones

18:00-18:15: Marc Joos - Protoplanetary disk formation and transport of angular  momentum during magnetized core collapse

18:15:18:30: Daniel Seifried - Disk formation in turbulent cores: Circumventing the magnetic braking catastrophe

20:00: Dinner

Tueday 19 June

Session 4: Computational Star formation: Models, Techniques, & Predictions

09:00-09:30: David Hubber - Review of computational star formation

09:30-9:45: Matthew Bate - Modelling magnetised protostellar jets with SPH

09:45-10:00: Philipp Girichidis - Impact of tangled magnetic fields on the  fragmentation of cores and star formation

10:00-10:15: Oliver Lomax - Star formation in Ophiuchus

10:15-10:30: Simon Glover - Gas cooling by dust during dynamical fragmentation

10:30-11:00: Coffee break and posters

11:00-11:15: Diego Falceta-Goncalves - On the Origin of Interstellar Turbulence:  less SNe and more Galactic Dynamics

11:15-11:30: Andrew McLeod - Instabilities in cloud-cloud collisions

11:30-11:45: James Owen - Radiative Transfer in Star Formation: Testing FLD and Hybrid Methods

11:45-12:00: Kohji Tomisaka - Expected Observations of the Star Formation Process: from Molecular Cloud Core to First Hydrostatic Core

12:00-12:15: Stella Offner - Observing Simulated Protostars with Outflows: How Accurate are Protostellar Properties Inferred from SEDs?

12:15-12:30: Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni - Gravitationally contracting molecular clouds and their star formation rates

12:30-12:45: Ian Bonnell - Shocks, cooling and the origin of star formation rates

12:45:13:00: Thomas Robitaille - A new grid of model spectral energy distributions  for young stellar objects

13:15: Lunch

Session 5: Triggered Star Formation

16:00-16:30: Steffie Walch - Review of triggered star formation

16:30-16:45: Jan Palous - Triggered Star Formation

16:45-17:00: Evangelia Ntormousi - Triggered formation of filamentary clouds

17:00-17:30: Coffee break and posters

17:30-17:45: Matthias Gritschneder - Triggering Star Formation - From the Pillars of Creation to the Formation of our Solar System

17:45-18:00: Jim Dale - Positive and negative ionizing feedback

18:00-18:15: Richard Wunsch - Gravitational fragmentation of the Carina Flare supershell

18:15-18:30: Thomas Bisbas - A nebula in your computer: simulating the dynamics  and  chemistry of an HII region

20:00: Dinner

Wednesday 20 June


Thursday 21 June

Session 6: Probing the initial stages of star formation

09:00-9:30: Jason Kirk     -  Review: The Herschel Gould Belt Survey

09:30-9:45: Philippe Andre - Unravelling the labyrinth of star formation with Herschel

09:45-10:00: Anaelle Maury - First results from CaLYPSO: the IRAM Plateau de  Bure Large Program on Class 0 protostars

10:00-10:15: Basmah Riaz - The GPS/GLIMPSE360 Search for Red Objects

10:15-:10:30: David Nutter - Initial Results from SCUBA2

10:30-11:00: Coffee break and posters

11:00-11:15: Adam Ginsburg - Surveying Pre-Stellar Gas in the Galactic Plane  with Bolocam and Herschel

11:15-11:30: Sylvain Bontemps - Origin of high-mass stars and stellar clusters

11:30-11:45: Kazi Rygl - Recent star formation in the Lupus clouds as seen  by Herschel

11:45-12:00: Danae Polychroni - The bimodal distribution of core masses in the Orion A L1641 clouds

12:00-12:15: Doris Arzoumanian - Characterizing interstellar filaments in nearby  molecular clouds

12:15-12:30: Vera Konyves - The Aquila prestellar and protostellar population  revealed by Herschel

12:30-12:45: Martin Hennemann - HOBYS observations of ridges and filaments, and the evolution of massive dense cores

12:45-13:00: Milena Benedettini - Star formation in the nearby Lupus molecular  cloud

Session 7: The initial mass function of stars

16:00-16:30: Ant Whitworth - Mapping the Core Mass Function (CMF) onto the  Stellar IMF

16:30-16:45: Nicolas Lodieu - The photometric & astrometric mass functions in the Pleiades, Alpha Per,and Praesepe clusters

16:45-17:00: Rowan J. Smith - The Birth of an IMF

17:00-17:30: Coffee break and posters

17:30-17.45: Sally Oey - The Salpeter Slope of the IMF Explained

17:45-18:00: Pavel Kroupa - A top-heavy IMF in star bursts

18:00-18:15: Annabel Cartwright - Four-parameter fits to the Initial Mass  Function using Stable Functions

18:15-18:30: Thomas Maschberger - A stochastic model of accretion

20:00: Conference Dinner

Friday 22 June

Session 8: High-mass star formation 

09:00-9:30: Patrick Hennebelle - Review of high-mass star formation theories

09:30-9:45: Steven Longmore - Results from the HOPS + MALT90 + HiGAL Galactic  Plane Surveys

09:45-10:00: Rolf Kuiper - Feedback in Massive Star Formation

10:00-10:15: Quang Nguyen Luong - Star formation rates and cloud structures in  high-mass star-forming regions

10:15-10:30: Nicolas Peretto - Global collapse and massive star formation: an ALMA view of a massive IRDC

10:30-11:00: Coffee break and posters

11:00-11:15: Tracey Hill - Filaments, ridges and a mini-starburst - HOBYS' view  of high mass star formation with Herschel 

11:15-11:30: Claudia Cyganowski - GLIMPSE Extended Green Objects and the Early Stages of Massive Star Formation

11:30-11:45: Tim Harries - Radiation-hydrodynamics of massive star formation using Monte-Carlo transfer

11:45-12:00: Arjan Bik - Age spread in high-mass star forming region W3 Main

12:00-12:15: Ana Duarte Cabral - The impact of protostellar outflows: From low to high mass protostars

12:15-12:30: Preben Grosbol - Young clusters in nearby, grand-design spirals

12:30-12:45: Dimitrios Gouliermis - Clustered star formation in the  Magellanic Clouds

12:45-13:00: Michael Kuhn - MYStIX First Results: Spatial Structures of Massive  Young  Stellar Clusters

Session 9: Clustered star formation

16:00-16:30: Richard Parker - Review of clustered star formation

16:30-16:45: Diederik Kruijssen - The fraction of star formation occurring in  bound stellar clusters

16:45-17:00: Michiel Cottaar - Dynamics and multiplicity of young star clusters:  Getting the most out of single epoch radial velocity data

17:00-17:30: Coffee break and posters

17:30-17:45: Nicholas Wright - Dynamics of an Expanding Star Cluster

17:45-18:15: Conference summary

18:15: Conference ends

20:00: Dinner


1. Ray Furuya - The Initial Conditions for Gravitational Collapse  of a Low-Mass Star-Forming Core

2. Carlo Felice Manara - An X-Shooter analysis of chromospheric activity of Class III low mass sources

  1. 3.Shih-Ping Lai - Discovery of Toroidal Magnetic Fields around Protostars in NGC1333 IRAS 4A from Dust Polarization Measurements

  2. 4.Mario Guarcello - Probing externally induced disk photoevaporation  in Cygnus OB2

  3. 5.Yusuke Tsukamoto - The effect of mass accretion for formation and thermal  evolution of circumstellar disks

  4. 6.Seung-Hoon Cha - The entropy condition of Godunov SPH

  5. 7.Sami Dib - Feedback Regulated Star Formation

  6. 8.Thomas Haworth - The effect of the diffuse field on triggered  star formation

9. Veronica Lora - The photoevaporation of a neutral structure by an EUV+FUV radiation field

10. Ignazio Pillitteri - Mapping the star formation in Orion A / L1641

11. Paola Mucciarelli - The young stellar population in the S255-258  region: an X-rays/IR study

12. Faviola Molina - Can we trust CO emission as a probe of the densities and temperatures of molecular clouds?

13. Roberta Paladini - Preliminary results from deep Warm Spitzer observations

14. Jouni Kainulainen - A high-dynamic-range view of molecular cloud structure (cancelled)

15. Thomas Gerner - Mapping the chemistry of the interstellar medium

16. Catarina Alves de Oliveira - The low mass end of the IMF unveiled by the WIRCam/CFHT survey of nearby young clusters

17. Francesco Fontani - Probing the earliest phases of high-mass star cluster formation through observations of N2D+

18. Javier A. Rodon - Small fragments in High-Mass Star Forming Regions

19. Frederic Schuller - The next generation of high-mass stars and clusters traced by ATLASGAL

20. Esteban Morales - Galactic young star clusters and their environment

21. Hans Moritz Guenther - IRAS 20050+2720 - clustering of low-mass stars

22. Giacomo Beccari - An HST study of star formation in star-burst clusters3

23. Elaine Winston - Clusters within Clusters: A Spitzer & Chandra view of  the YSO population in RCW 38.

24. Tsuyoshi Inoue - 3D MHD Simulation of Molecular Cloud Formation

25. Steve Boudreault -  Astrometric and photometric mass function of the old open cluster Praesepe based on the UKIDSS Galactic Clusters Survey

26. A-Ran Lyo - Millimeter Observations of the Transition disk around HD135344B (SAO206462)

27. Andrea Gatto - Estimating the Galactic coronal density via ram-pressure stripping from dwarf satellites

28. Ciara Quinn - Lonely Cores Observed In Molecular Lines

29. Ngoumou Judith - Effects of a momentum driven stellar wind on the surrounding ISM

30. Yuri I. Fujii - Magnetohydrodynamics with Time-Dependent Ionization Degree in Protoplanetary disks with Grain Evolution

31. Tzu-Cheng Peng -The APEX-CHAMP+ view of the Orion Molecular Cloud 1 core

32. Loredana Spezzi - Herschel's view of Chamaelon II

33. Eric Feigelson -  MYStIX: Massive Young Stellar Cluster Study in Infrared and X-rays

34. Pekruhl, Stephanie - Clump Mass Function of the Dense Clouds in the Carina Nebula

35. Sarah Ragan - Internal Kinematics in Infrared-dark Clouds

36. Beatriz Fernandes Lopes Soares - Spectral Characteristics of Young Stars Associated With The Sh2-296 Nebula.

  1. 37.Dimitris Stamatellos - Dynamical evolution of brown dwarf systems formed by disc fragmentation

  2. 38.Cara Battersby - The Kinematics of Filaments and Their Role in High-Mass Star Formation

  3. 39.Nicolas Lodieu - The photometric & astrometric mass functions in the Pleiades, Alpha Per,and Praesepe clusters


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