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Cardiff University
January 6th - 7th 2005

This is a meeting of the UK Astrophysical Chemistry Group, which is sponsored by both the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry. This is an interdisciplinary group which hosts one or two meetings per year of a workshop-style nature to allow cross-over of ideas between the different disciplines.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together observational and theoretical astronomers, instrument specialists and theoretical and laboratory chemists to discuss topics of mutual interest from a broad range of overlapping fields.

Invited Speakers

P. André (CEA-Saclay)
G. Darling (Liverpool)
C. Joblin (CESR-Toulouse)
F. Helmich (SRON)
A. Hofmeister (Washington, USA)
M. McCoustra (Nottingham)
J. Richer (Cambridge)
J. Yates (UCL)

Scientific Organising Committee

D. Ward-Thompson (Cardiff)
J. Bowey (UCL)
H. Fraser (Leiden/Strathclyde)
G. Fuller (Manchester)
J. McCombie (Nottingham)
D. Nutter (Cardiff)
J. Rawlings (UCL)

Astrophysical Chemistry Group