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Condensed Matter and Photonics Group

Examples of nanocrystalline diamond films: two upright circular disks mounted on a base, one appearing blue in colour and the other with a yellow/gold colouration.

Nanocrystalline diamond films grown on silicon wafers. The interference between the reflected light from the silicon wafer and NCD film creates a colour depending on the film thickness – 70nm for blue and 140 nm for gold.

The CMP group is active over a range of topics in condensed matter and photonics shaping the future, from theory and experiment to application and exploitation and providing training for the next generation.

The group brings together fundamental physics and development of device concepts though measurements and simulations of fundamental structural, optical, electrical, and magnetic processes in organic and inorganic semiconductor, metallic, and magnetic nanostructures, enabling advances in understanding of light-matter interactions, charge and spin transport, development and verification of theories, development of novel device concepts and high sensitivity photometric and spectroscopic instruments.

The CMP activity is structured into the research themes of Photonics & Biophotonics, Quantum Materials & Devices, Nanoscale Science & Technology, Theory & Computational Physics and Imaging, Sensors & Instrumentation. The CMP is strongly involved with the Institute for compound semiconductors (ICS), and the Cardiff Diamond foundry.

The group is equipped with a suite of state-of-the-art laboratories including two class 1000 cleanrooms for device and test structure fabrication, Diamond growth, Low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM), Ultrafast non-linear optical micro-spectroscopy, and has extensive experimental and theoretical capability including a number of world-leading material, device fabrication and characterisation techniques invented within the group.

Research News

Undergraduate student pouring liquid nitrogen.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Monday 15th May 2017

We are once again offering paid research project placements for current students under the CUROP (Cardiff University Research Opportunities Programme) and CUSEIP (Cardiff University Education Innovation Programme) schemes …

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