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Photonics & Biophotonics


An InGaN QW LED: this structure was grown at III-V Centre at Sheffield University and processed in the cleanroom in Cardiff. The structure was RIE etched to produce the mesa and then n and p type contacts were made to the sample. In a similar manner laser and multisection devices have been fabricated using structures grown at Sheffield University.

Photonics is of ever increasing importance with by some accounts 20% of UK based physicists employed in the photonics sector and impacts upon almost every imaginable application from cancer detection and cure to anti-personnel mine clearing to speeding-up your computer processor. The theme activity includes fundamental work on light matter interactions, the physics of gain and recombination in quantum confined structures and also embraces colloidal dots and collaborations with medicine and bioscience, all ultimately leading to device and measurement applications. Currently, interrelated topics include Biophotonics, Integrated Optoelectronics, Nanophotonics, and the physics of ensembles of quantum dots and of individual dots and their environment (colloidal and epitaxial).