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Technician of the Year

Thursday 18th April 2013

Steven Baker

Steven Baker, Technician of the Year

The School of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to announce that School Technician Steven Baker has won the HEA STEM inaugural Technician of the Year Award for the Physical Sciences.

This award recognises the valuable contribution made by technical staff in supporting the student learning experience within STEM departments, specificially within chemistry, forensic science, physics and other physical science disciplines.

The award is based on the following criteria:

Steven was nominated for this award based on a number of factors, including his commitment to excellent teaching support and innovative work with the School's Outreach programme.

"Steven must be a mind reader - he has demonstration equipment ready before you've even explained what it is you want! He is inventive and knowledgeable and helps devise effective demonstrations for use within and outside the School." said Dr Bernard Richardson, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

"He is very friendly and helpful, he knows the experiments inside and out and is always willing to take time to explain something to you." (Second Year student)

"Steven has infinite patience, helping me without complaint every time I pester him for help. He is invaluable as nobody knows the equipment better than him." (Second Year student)

Dr Carole Tucker, Deputy Head for Learning and Teaching, who initially nominated Steven for the award, explained why - "Steven is always the man-behind-the-scenes at UCAS and School events ensuring everything runs smoothly, setting up demonstrations for my academic colleagues, updating talks, directing visitors. Everything is performed in such a seamless and timely manner that it is easy to forget that he is there but, without him, the whole event would fall apart. This award therefore presents us with a wonderful opportunity to say an overdue thank you to such a vital component of our School. We are privileged to have him."

More information on the Higher Education Academy awards can be found here.