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SEISMIC: Equity and Inclusion as Design Goals for STEM Education Reform

Speaker: Tim McKay (University of Michigan)
Date: Wednesday 20 October 2021
Time: 16:00
Venue: Zoom

At large research universities, foundational courses introduce hundreds or even thousands of students to STEM disciplines every year. Development of such courses and research into their efficacy should be a shared endeavor, yet it often takes place only locally - one discipline and one campus at a time. The Sloan Equity and Inclusion in STEM Introductory Courses project aims to change this. Motivated by a focus on equity and inclusion as central goals of the reform process, SEISMIC brings together more than a hundred individuals from ten institutions in a collaborative structure inspired by ‘big science’ research projects. We are working to accomplish reforms together that we have found very challenging to do alone. This talk will describe the emergence and early progress of this R&D project, including parallel data analysis, coordinated experimentation, continuous exchange of speakers, and extended annual meetings.

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