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Physics Chat

The Physics Chat meeting series is intended to provide a common platform for discussions and presentations of recent developments within the condensed matter and photonics group, and is a forum for all members of the groups, from project students to group leaders.

The meeting is held fortnightly on Fridays at 15:00. It lasts typically 1 hour, with a presentation of 15-45 minutes.

Cuurently, the virtual venue is on Zoom and the meeting ID is: 825 1381 7850, password is: 322173, link:

CMP principal investigators have been grouped in groups of 2 in order to arrange the rotation. The sequence is listed below. The post-docs and students belonging to the groups indicated that particular week will organise who will speak from each group. It is the responsibility of the groups (students and postdocs) to come up with a title and email it to Dr Bo Hou ahead of time!!. The groups are:

Spring Term-2022

Week 1 (Juan Pereiro Viterbo)- Speaker Matyo Ivano -04th Feb 2022

Title: Coexistence monitoring in LEEM: Experiment and image analysis photonic devices

Week 3 (Nicolas Abadia Calvo)-Speaker Michael Murray-18th Feb 2022

Title: Inverse Design of Integrated Photonic Devices


Week 9 (Sang Soon Oh)-Speaker Zeeshan Ahmad -1st Apr 2022

Title: Transverse electric surface plasmon polariton modes in periodic graphene-based structure

Week 13 (Wolfgang Langbein)-Speaker Freya Turley-29th Apr 2022

Title: A label free method to measure the dynamics of membranes to determine their biophysical properties and the effect of protein insertion


This is a rolling series of events so please keep on top of it!

-- Recordings of previous seminars and colloquia can be found in the 'Physics Chat' folder on Panopto:

Please contact Dr Bo Hou for proposals for topics & improvements.

Sorry no seminars are scheduled after 09 September 2022.
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