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Colloquia and Research Seminars

Departmental Colloquia are research talks pitched at the wider physics and astronomy audience (including final year undergraduates). During the eleven weeks of the semester there are three colloquia (nominally one astronomy based, one physics based and one PER based). The research seminars are aimed at postgraduate level and above (two seminars each week - one physics and one astronomy).

Arrangements for the Colloquia are split between the coordinator of the Physics Seminars (Dr Bo Hou) and the Astronomy Seminars coordinator (Dr Orsolya Feher). Please contribute to the seminar programme, instructions are available on the PHYSX Wiki.

Due to the Covid-19, all colloquia and semianrs takes place on zoom. Please find the zoom link below or in the seminar announcement email.
[Physics seminar zoom link] [Astro seminar zoom link]
[PER seminar registration]

The recordings of previous seminars are avaialabe in the following links. [Physics seminars] [Astro seminars] [PER seminars]
[Xiamen-Cardiff seminars]

Schedule from 16 February 2024      (Show earlier schedule)

15:00ZoomPhysics SeminarsLight-Matter Control of Quantum Materials: From Floquet states to cavity engineering
Prof. Michael A. Sentef (University of Bremen, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg)
16:00N3.28/ZoomAstro SeminarFeeding supermassive black holes by SN driven shells
Jan Palouš (Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague))
14:00N3.28/ZoomAstro SeminarLarge-scale structure cosmology with quasars
Kate Storey-Fisher (Donostia International Physics Center)
15:00ZoomPhysics SeminarsQuantum Magnetism in One Dimension
Dr Mingee Chung (Minki Jeong) (University of Birmingham)
15:00Queens N3.28Physics SeminarSemiconductor Quantum Dots, why are they so quantum? Genesis, prospects and challenges
Prof. Frederic Grillot (Institut Polytechnique de Paris)
15:00Queens Building N3.28Physics SeminarTBC
Jude Laverock (University of Bristol)