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Physics Seminar

Multi-bandgap semiconductor research for high performance electronics

Speaker: David Moran (University of Glasgow)
Date: Wednesday 27 October 2021
Time: 15:00
Venue: Zoom

The performance and operation of solid state electronic devices such as field effect transistors depends heavily on the material properties from which they are produced. Semiconductor bandgap to a large degree dictates the potential application space for established, emergent and future semiconductor material systems alike, from high power, robust analogue electronics to low power, digital devices. This talk will attempt to cover some of the highlights of research undertaken at the University of Glasgow in the area of varied bandgap electronic device research, from narrow bandgap '2D' TMD layers such as MoTe2 to ultrawide bandgap bulk materials including beta-Ga2O3 and diamond.

Short bio: David is Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow (UoG) and lead of the Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices group. His research focuses on the development of emerging semiconductor materials for electronic applications. Highlights of this work include demonstration of the highest frequency InP HEMT device, realisation of the highest frequency performance diamond transistor yet produced, pioneering of new techniques for temperature-stable doping in diamond, and establishing record-low ohmic contact resistance at cryo temperatures in III-V material amplifiers.
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