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Xiamen-Cardiff Seminar

Chern number matrix of Non-Abelian two-component fractional quantum Hall effect

Speaker: Tiansheng Zeng (Xiamen University)
Date: Friday 3 December 2021
Time: 9:30
Venue: Zoom

In this talk, I will begin with discussing the K matrix classification of Abelian multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effect. Here I introduce the Chern number matrix and describe its intimate relationship to the inverse of the K matrix based on my numerical observation. Further, I will generalize the approach of Chern number matrix to non-Abelian multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effect, and discuss the topological characterization. By large scale numerical simulations, I will show the relationship between Chern number matrix and its many-body wavefunction, using bosonic non-Abelian spin-singlet quantum Hall effect in topological flat bands.

Short bio: Tian-Sheng Zeng is an associate professor (tenure-track) at Xiamen University in China. He received his BSc in Physics from Beijing Normal University in 2010 and PhD in physics from Peking University in 2015. He performed Postdoc research at California State University Northridge (2015-2017) and University of Texas at Dallas (2017-2018). Before joining Xiamen University, he is an associate research member at Westlake University, China. His current research is mainly on strong correlation and topological phases of matter.