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Xiamen-Cardiff Seminar

Strongly correlated electronic properties of 3d transition metal oxides investigated by synchrotron-based x-ray

Speaker: Meng Wu (Xiamen University)
Date: Friday 10 December 2021
Time: 9:30
Venue: Zoom

Transition metal oxide thin films and their interfaces exhibit an enormous richness of physical properties and novel electronic structures, which make them of crucial role in exploring new functional oxide devices and understanding the fundamental physics in condensed matter. Meanwhile, synchrotron-based experiments play an important role for characterizing the strongly correlated electronic interactions. In this talk, I will present the exploring of the strongly correlated electronic properties in several 3d transition metal oxide thin films, using combined synchrotron-based x-ray spectroscopies and configuration interaction (CI) cluster calculations.

Short bio: Dr. Wu is currently an assistance professor in the department of physics at Xiamen University. She received her BSc from Jilin University and PhD degree in physics from University of Stuttgart & Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research (Stuttgart, Germany) in 2015. Her current research is mainly on experimental studies of strongly correlated materials using synchrotron-based x-ray spectroscopies.