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Astro Seminar

Simulating young evolving relativistic jets from supermassive black holes

Speaker: Dipanjan Mukherjee (IUCAA)
Date: Wednesday 19 October 2022
Time: 14:00
Venue: N3.28/Zoom

Relativistic jets from AGNs are an important driver of feedback in galaxies with an active black hole. They impact the nearby environment over different physical scales during their lifetime, with varying effects. They first interact with the host galaxy's ISM before breaking out to larger scales, significantly affecting the galaxy's morphology and evolution. I shall present the results of our recent 3D relativistic (magneto) hydrodynamic simulations, performed on scales of several kpc, of AGN jets interacting with the ambient ISM and CGM. The young relativistic jets initially couple strongly with the turbulent ISM, before breaking out to larger scales. I will subsequently present the results of a new hybrid fluid+particle scheme to model the spectral and spatial evolution of non-thermal electrons in jets. This allows us to present a more realistic description of synchrotron emitting particles.