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Physics Seminar

Unleashing the power of diamond - Heterogenous integrations for RF and power electronics

Speaker: Martin Kuball (University of Bristol)
Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022
Time: 15:00
Venue: Queens Building N3.28

Diamond has been around for millions of years; scientists discovered diamond to be pure carbon as early as 1800 which kicked off the race to create synthetic diamond - throughout the 19th century many claims were made for the first synthetic diamond though scientists could not replicate these results so they could not be confirmed. The first proven synthetic diamond was made by General Electric in 1954. Considering the increasing drive for semiconductor electronics to be to operating at higher and higher power densities, diamond integrated with common semiconductors has become of increasing interest to aid with heat extraction to keep the electronics cool, to avoid it failing early i.e. for electronics to last longer and operate at more extreme conditions. I will discuss the thermal uses of diamond when integrated with other materials such as GaN-on-diamond RF electronic devices, however also how diamond could be used in conjunction with Ga2O3 for power devices, from the thermal, but also electrical perspective to form superjunctions enabling breakdown voltages as high as 8-10kV for power electronics.