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Astro Seminar

Advancing Astronomy Education: My Role as the IAU OAE National Astronomy Education Coordinator in Pakistan

Speaker: Hira Fatima ( University of Karachi )
Date: Monday 15 January 2024
Time: 14:00
Venue: N3.28/Zoom

In my talk, I'll share my journey from being an astronomy student to becoming the IAU OAE National Astronomy Education Coordinator for Pakistan. I'll talk about the challenges we faced in organizing the first-ever astronomy teacher training workshop in Pakistan and how its success led to more workshops in the future. I'll also share the valuable lessons we learned from these experiences. Additionally, I'll discuss our various astronomy education and outreach initiatives supported by esteemed national and international organizations such as IAU, RAS, and LCO. Join me as I share the story of our efforts to enhance astronomy education in Pakistan.